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My motto is ‘why wear one colour when six will do?’

10 Aug

TV personality and author Christine Hamilton, 60, splits her time between her homes in London and Wiltshire, which she shares with her husband, former politician Neil Hamilton. She is currently taking part in the BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef. She says:

Lady in red: Christine in her favourite velvet jacket

My style is colour, colour, colour. Even my little black dress is red. I simply don’t do black, taupe, beige, grey.

I know they are elegant and sometimes I see them on other people and think, gosh I should get an outfit like that. But I’d never wear it.

I’ve always focused on red. In pictures of me as a child, when I was old enough to choose, everything is red.

But my basic motto is: ‘Why wear one colour when six will do?’

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