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Celebrity Masterchef

24 Nov

My latest madcap outing was on ‘Celebrity MasterChef 2010’ where I managed to get to the final, together with Lisa Faulkner (who took the title) and Dick Strawbridge.   I seriously amazed myself as I honestly never thought I would get anything like that far.  I promise I am really nothing more than an averagely competant housewife – but I did manage to rise to the challenges as they came along.    We had a lot of fun along the way and it was a truly unforgettable experience.   The trouble is that none of my friends dare invite us for dinner and I feel worried about inviting anyone because they will now be expecting MasterChef standards and, let’s be honest, in a busy life there isn’t always time!

We actually filmed it all last winter – starting shortly before Christmas 2009 and finishing on 17th February.   Anyone who says I can’t keep a secret should remember that I didn’t even tell my close friends whether I had won or not – and I had to keep that to myself for about six months!


Lolly meets Christine

24 Aug

The following is an interview I did with 10 year old Lauren “Lolly” Fuller who wants to follow in her Dad’s footsteps as a writer and a journalist.  At least she wants to cover more interesting topics than football!  The interview can also be found on his website – The Ball is Round.

The world has gone cooking mad.  Turn on your TV, irrespective of where you are and you will find Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Come Dine With Me and other programmes that simply make us mere mortals feel inferior in the kitchen department.  One of the most popular shows on BBC at the moment is Celebrity Masterchef where 20 celebrities battle to be crowned the winner, taking the crown from Jayne Middlemiss. Continue reading