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Muscular Dystrophy Campaign – Trek Peru

18 Mar

Hello!  Before you log straight off, can I make it clear that I have already covered ALL the costs of my trip and EVERY penny donated on this site will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. I am NOT asking you to fund an adventure holiday for me!

In June this year I am attempting a personal challenge – a trek to the lost City of Machu Picchu which will be immensely rewarding and uplifting for me but I need YOUR support to make it all worthwhile for Muscular Dystrophy.  You can donate by visiting my Just Giving page.


10 Mar

With Macchu Picchu looming I needed to lose some weight – will have quite enough to carry in my rucksack without personal saddle bags!   A friend told me about Slimsticks – and they are brilliant – stone gone in 6 weeks!

Have a look for yourselves on their website.


1 Mar

TWITTER – I’ve signed up for Twitter – user name @brit_battleaxe – well, it seemed appropriate.   It’s totally bonkers – I just use it for lighthearted stuff, but it does get a bit addictive so I must look out!