Me and my wardrobe

12 Aug

My motto is ‘why wear one colour when six will do?’

Daily Mail – 12th Auguts 2010

TV personality and author Christine Hamilton, 60, splits her time between her homes in London and Wiltshire, which she shares with her husband, former politician Neil Hamilton. She is currently taking part in the BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef. She says:

My style is colour, colour, colour. Even my little black dress is red. I simply don’t do black, taupe, beige, grey.

I know they are elegant and sometimes I see them on other people and think, gosh I should get an outfit like that. But I’d never wear it.

I’ve always focused on red. In pictures of me as a child, when I was old enough to choose, everything is red.

But my basic motto is: ‘Why wear one colour when six will do?’

I’ve certainly gone more garish since I worked in the House of Commons because I used to get into trouble for wearing red there.

I used to have to look smart all the time when I was Mrs MP and have some Thatcher blue clothes. But, yippee, I don’t have to do that any more!

I’m not bothered about what’s in fashion, even though I do like clothes. Trinny and Susannah some years ago described me as ‘the third worst dressed woman in the country’. I was offended not to be top of their list!

I’d just come out of the jungle in I’m A Celebrity… in 2002 and they said: ‘She obviously thinks bright colours are cheerful, but doesn’t she realise they do nothing for a mature complexion.’

The cheek of it! I have slightly muted the red, though — I wear pinker shades these days because I think they are kinder to an older face.

I actually needn’t buy another piece of clothing in my life. I am a dreadful hoarder and have things that go back to my teens. A shirt I wear on MasterChef I bought from the Army & Navy store in Victoria Street when I first started working as an assistant at the House of Commons aged 22. I never throw anything away, especially if it’s still going strong.

One of my best buys ever is what I call my ‘tarts trousers’. They’re red pseudo satin from M&S about 25 years ago, but they’re just wonderful — so I bought four pairs. Two pairs in one size and two in another, for fat days and thin days. They’re fun and shiny and probably ridiculous on a woman of my age, but who cares!

I don’t have favourite shops, but I’m happier in High Street than designer and love M&S. My husband doesn’t turn a hair if I arrive wearing clashing orange, pink and red, he’s so used to it. He just says: ‘Come on, we’ll be late!’

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