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Lunch with the Hamiltons

21 Aug

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL – In 2008 we went back to the Edinburgh Festival for the third (and last?) time.   We had splendid fun with our daily show – ‘Lunch with the Hamiltons – One Last Time!     Nothing is scripted, it is a touch anarchic (Neil describes it as a cross between ‘Hi- De Hi’ and ‘Newsnight’ ) and we are never sure what is going to happen each day!

We have three or four guests – other performers at the Fringe – and I am happy to report that it was a sell-out again this year – as were our Saturday night shows ‘Midnight Feast with the Hamiltons’ when the guests are, shall we say, somewhat more risque and the style more cabaret than chat show.  We always make some splendid new friends, live like students for the month, burning the candle at both ends and chucking the middle into the flames.